Friday, September 7, 2012

I'm Back in the Lab Coat Again!

The Fun Milk Experiment
I really didn't mean to take the whole summer off from  my chemistry blog.  As I do every year, I leave school in the spring with the best of intentions.  I make big plans to reorganize the lab, clean up the prep room, and this year write in the blog about new demos I'll try in the summer.  Well...

Enough apologizing, I'm back!

The kids are all smiles on Day One.
It feels so good to be back in the classroom with my students.  We started off the year with a fun, new-to-me experiment with milk, food coloring and soap.  I like to get the kids doing interesting lab work right away on the first day.  It's challenging to find something that is interesting, easy, not too laden with advanced content, and manageable in one day.  We found just the thing with this milk experiment.

I started a class blog for each of my chemistry levels this year, I call it GeyerChem.  Their first assignment is to make a post on the blog about what they learned today.  You can check it out here Honors GeyerChem Blog or here GeyerChem Blog.  The blogging addiction grows.


  1. Thank you for sharing this post. I found it very interesting and informative. I am glad you are back where you belong with your students. I recently got job teaching chemistry at a middle school in my hometown. I am so excited to go get some fashion lab coats, beakers and test tubes. I cant wait!

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    1. I do enjoy wearing a lab coat, thanks for the tip. Most of them are not designed for women!