Monday, January 7, 2013

The Envelope Please

In the fall term I challenged my students to write an essay about the fundamental concepts of matter.  We did a series of activities in class to learn about the classification of matter such as a POGIL (inquiry based learning activity), separating a mixture, and the classic iron and sulfur lab.  Through these activities and labs, the students built an understanding of elements, compounds, mixtures, physical and chemical properties, and physical and chemical change.  In the past I would end this unit with a test on these concepts, but this year I decided to try the essay challenge as the final assessment.  Using their experiences, they were charged to write a thoughtful and interesting essay about matter.

As an extra incentive, I promised to post the best essay of the class on my blog.  I thought that one essay would stand out as the clear winner, but I was very wrong.  I had several very good essays that exceeded my expectations.  The choice of one winner put me in a complete deadlock.  I just couldn't choose my favorite ONE essay.  So I sat on it for way too long, just stewing and putting off my students inquiries.  Well, tonight I'm going to announce the winners of the essay contest.  In the spirit of the fall term sport assembly, I have chosen two students to be the winners of the matter essay challenge.

And the winners are...

Bailey Mae Bone and Quinn Taylor

Congratulations on your excellent writing.  Both essays are posted on the blog.  Enjoy.

Quinn Taylor

Bailey Bone

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